Welcome to Zentrum Logistic Peru S.A.C. Leading global freight provider of ocean and air transportation  services.
Why work with us? First for our reliability; our team offers clear communications in all shipment steps globally, second for our real competitive rates; we effort every day looking for the best contracts with carriers and airlines, reducing your logistics costs so increasing your profitability and third for add value personal assistant and free consulting; we have passion in our business, so, we really supports our customers in all their procedure, always with patience, know-how and total dedication, with only one objective, your success.
With our global team of highly skilled transportation professionals, we confidently take on every challenge that your industry requires. We firmly believe that nothing is impossible. The opportunity lies in the challenge.
With more than 10 years of experience in logistics services around globe we are fully dedicated every day to find solutions, exclusive routes, new procedures and innovating in supply chain management, just looking for success of export & import companies.
Since our beginning we maintain 96% of our clients, this incredible record is achieve understanding real needs of our customers, helping them for their  business success over the years.
ENJOY with us the future of logistics, we love impossible cargo, our passion means International Transport & Freight Forwarding Services, so, you are on right hands, with enough time to focus in your core business.
Contact us worldwide in 178 countries, more than 860 cities to ship your cargo and develop your business.
As our slogan simplicity of global transport our major objetive is provide real efficiency and speed in worldwide supply chain management.
For our clients and partners thanks for your continuous support and we invite you to form part of this global family.
Thanks a lot.
Jean Marco Martinez
Zentrum Logistic Peru S.A.C.
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