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Official & exclusive partner of SEKO LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE LLC.


  • Zentrum Logistic Peru S.A.C. is an international freight forwarder company based in Lima – Peru, we are global transport provider for air, ocean, train and road services.
  • We have partners and agents around the world covering 178 countries in 5 continents and more than 860 cities, with comprehensive range of import and export services, our overseas partners have been selected, not only to provide extensive geographical coverage, but also consistently reliable levels of service and communication.
  • We are an official International Freight Forwarder with legal Peruvian authorization of DGAC, DGTA and Customs with our own code number: 1827.
  • We have worldwide support of leading transnational groups who ensure high standards of total quality in transport and constant care of your goods in all processes involved. In Peru we represent WLA, WAA and Maurice Ward Group.
  • Our employees are fully trained regarding dangerous goods, perishable cargo, Incoterms, new general law of Peruvian customs, trading and special regimes, thus contributing directly to support and development of your business, creating real opportunities in global commerce.
  • We maintain stable and long term relationships with the best shipping lines and airlines in the world, signing very competitive rates and contracts contributing to reduce logistics costs, increasing your profitability in all shipments with us.
  • Over the years, we know reliability is the most important in business, for this reason we are friends of our clients contributing to large relationship as strategic partners.
  • With all this and coupled with our extensive knowledge in international business allows us to offer simplicity, efficiency and speed required in your international commerce operations.
  • Contact us and enjoy all benefits working with excellence.
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