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Official & exclusive partner of SEKO LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE LLC.


We provide customs clearance service around globe, as part of integral logistics chain.
For all of your cross-border shipments through its own dedicated in-house service.
We can be engaged as a stand-alone service or as a fully integrated component of your transportation business.
We employ the industry’s best-trained and most experienced people, and utilize the most advanced release systems available to ensure you and your customers always receive the fastest, most efficient releases possible.
Equally important, when you partner with us we can customize our processes to specifically match your requirements.
With years of global experience and expertise to help you manage the complexities of international trade and regulatory compliance.
We perform more than ten thousand customs brokerage transactions each year.
With our assistance, you can now cross borders seamlessly by utilizing our customs clearance services, import and export security filings and compliance management.
Whether you're importing or exporting, Zentrum Logistic will be there to provide you with a wide range of trade services to keep your freight moving forward globally.
When it comes to personal service, we are simply your best choice, contact us and prove, we’ll so glad to serve.

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