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Official & exclusive partner of SEKO LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE LLC.


Optimal worldwide delivery for your products

Zentrum Logistic deliver cost-effective and timely supply chain solutions to meet needs of Foodstuffs & Beverage sector.
Our focus is to provide our clients the most professional service and shipping solutions respecting the integrity of the food product.
Thanks to specialized technical means and dedicated staff, cold chain reliability from reception in our facilities up to destination is our commitment.
Whether you are a large multinational company, or a smaller local business, you can be sure that our local experts are on hand to help, ensuring that all shipments reaches their destination, on time and at cost, and that your supply chain is optimized to its fullest.
We use special packing and exclusive flexitanks containers with 22 TON of capacity for worldwide wine, and oil transport.
We have extensive know-how of green supply chain management with our exclusive procedures around globe.
Contact us and start to enjoy real benefits in your foodstuffs & beverage industry.

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