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Official & exclusive partner of SEKO LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE LLC.


Operations at your size with Heavy lift and out-of-gauge transport

Zentrum Logistic as freight forwarding and logistic company, with large worldwide network, specialized in the transportation of all kind of machinery, Break-bulk part cargo, full chartering vessels as well as air freight, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance coverage upon request and door delivery are some of the services we have been providing over the years.
Around the globe, around the clock: Logistics offers you a complete service package for supplying machinery with components and replacement parts in a timely fashion. We supply exactly what you want.
From procurement to reliable delivery, your goods are constantly in the safe and experienced hands of our experienced logistics specialists.
We takes care of all supply chain management, transport, storage, consolidation and handling of urgently required replacement parts.
We arrange all the customs formalities and, if required, transportation insurance, too.
We ship worldwide machinery for industrial, agriculture, mining and more industries. Customers and partners trust us due our thorough care of all steps and cargo procedure , due our extensive experience we allways anticipate and avoid any kind of delay or inconvenience.
Contact us and start new kind of logistics

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