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Official & exclusive partner of SEKO LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE LLC.


Zentrum Logistic with simplicity, speed and efficiency is a specialist in automobiles and all kind of rolling cargo transport in all major ports around the world.
Through continuous expansion of our route network, minimization of transit times, utmost attention to cargo handling quality and a strong dedication to cost savings for our customers, we strive towards delivering total customer satisfaction everyday.
We provides safe and speedy car transportation service as a pioneer in the business of worldwide Roll On-Roll Off service.
Zentrum can ship single or multiple vehicles Ro-Ro for autos, trucks, boats, rolling equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, harvesters, yachts, trailers, mining trucks, self-propelled heavy machinery and any kind of rolling stock around the world.
Our highly experienced staff has the know-how to offer you the highest quality service you require to ship all your rolling stock with optimal speed and care.

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